Website monetization

Website Monetization – Definitions

Web site monetization is a very general term. In this article we will try to simplify and learn what are the definitions behind that. First, let’s start with the simple terms: CPM – Cost per mille, the amount of dollars that you will get per thousand impressions. CPC – Cost per click, amount of dollars that you will get

How To Improve My Site Results?

How to improve my site earning? Want to improve your results? when you want to understand the revenue and how to improve it, it’s helpful to understand where users are coming from. Are they using mobile devices or desktop computers? Are they coming from one specific country or location? It’s good to take a look

Google Don’t Like Full Page Ads…

Google will be targeting sites where the ads get in the way of the user navigating the site Sometimes on websites they have ads pop-up even before displaying the content, and also some websites have full page advertisements shortly after you start going through their website. Google has now released a statement saying that such

Header Bidding - Adnimation

Facebook Starting To Use Header Bidding

Facebook’s Audience Network is testing header bidding technology. This enables ad exchanges to compete against each other for ad space on other websites. Facebook is testing header bidding on both mobile and video ads.